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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

querido asado...

Day 3 as a vegetarian. I feel like this is karma slapping me in the face for making so much fun of my veggie friends in the past. Now it turns out that Diana, 29 years old, girl whose favorite meal is "asado" has to give up meat for the sake of her kidneys.

To tell you the truth, it's not as difficult as it seems on a daily basis.  It's just getting into the habit of ordering food without meat at restaurants, and being that picky person that double checks their order with the server, etc. The hardest part is the Sunday afternoon tradition of eating asado and watching soccer.  I can't think of a better combination for a lazy Sunday afternoon...

I will admit that I feel pretty damn good--my meals are much lighter so I don't get sleepy after them and my stomach feels like it's on vacation.  And I know for a fact that I will be a much healthier and happier person in a few years because of this, so I've decided to quit bitching about it and just do it.

Oh, and same thing with coffee--gave that up two weeks ago because I had been on this coffee craze where I was up to 6 cups a I decided to quit all together. Don't miss it at all.

Plus I figure if I give up these things now, I can then treat my body to them when I go home in june.  Have a taste of Argentine asado and a couple delicious cups of coffee....which i will now appreciate more than ever.

Exciting news, my revamped website is almost ready to be published!  I'm very excited to open up the online shop which will be featuring a new "mini-collection" every three weeks.  The idea is to produce clothes in small batches, almost like making prints and numbering them.  This means that whatever you buy from INDI will have a finite number of copies, making the design you wear a lot more valuable and unique.  

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Due to my upcoming trip to Argentina, I'm also working on a mini-collection for winter! Stay tuned....

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