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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sacramento to Tucson

This mini-trip falls on a perfect date--after enough weeks of being in Tucson that I'm starting to et anxious and right before a long trip home that's bound to fill me with emotions, doubts, thrills and hopefully peace.  Right before launching my site.

I'm flying out to Sacramento to help my best friend move back to Tucson.  This make me happy, ridiculously happy.  Not that I wish the curse of the scorching summer heat upon anyone, but because she is family, and having her close again will be amazing.  Plus, we have hours of driving back to catch up, something that nowadays between work and family has become a luxury.

Waiting for the plane to take off and reading an interesting compilation of short stories from Esquire.  The issue focuses on what it means to be a man.  Feeling ambivalent about the subject and it makes me stop to think about the men I know--the ones that were born into my life and those whom i've chosen to surround myself with.  What makes them "men"?

As I read the answers to the qustion at hand, they all seem like generic answers.




But the word popping up in my head, the quality that stands out and makes me think "now that's a man" is

 no patience= still a boy

I'm wearing these INDI pants to travel and they are the most COMFORTABLE and SEXY pants EVER!!

Yes, this trip is about testing out products as well....I brought along these rushed pants and this maxi skirt for the long driving days....

Both were light to pack, comfortable and didn't wrinkle when I stuffed them into my tiny backpack. 
I highly recommend them for all of your travel adventures!
Coming soon....

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