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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

TYP Runway Show!

TYP Runway Show 2013

The TYP Runway show was a great success!   I sold almost the entire collection during the show and got a ton of orders the day after, which was a first for me, but not surprising since I had such a great team on board!

Production wise, you know you're in good hands when you're working with Yekatherina Bruner , also working with April Brydges, and Allan Sturm...not to mention Candy Douglas who did a phenomenal job backstage keeping the peace.

My team of models was a mix of Tucson and Phoenix based girls, a super badass team of energetic, strong walkers who truly did INDI Apparel justice.

And the best part was getting to work with Amber Zabaleta (HAIR)  and Kris Osuna (MUA) because I always know they are going to make my models stand out from the crowd, fit in with the line, but above all look gorgeous!

Maria from Prickly Pear Hearts Accessories collaborated with me on accessories, which really helped create cohesive outfits.  Have you seen these cute turban headbands?!  LOVE.

Neil Peters and Donny Tran were spotted pacing back and forth through the Fox Theater shooting every last seam and eyelash.  As a designer I feel so grateful for having them record so many moments that I would otherwise my entire runway show!  I always have to be backstage : (

FACES OF The Four Elements FASHION SHOW by Donny Quixote Videos Music by Lady Maverick from donny quixote on Vimeo.


In other news...

It's been overwhelming to see how many responses I received from my last blog post.

Positive, strong, and encouraging words overflowed my gmail inbox, Facebook wall and phone.

What was most surprising was the amount of women who replied, telling me their own story and almost all of them saying that they never told anyone about what had happened.  All of their stories paralleled mine in some way, and it was infuriating to realize how often these situations take place.

I have to admit it was comforting to hear from these women that they were glad I was speaking out, and that I somehow alleviated some of their pain by seeking justice.  I'd just like to say thank you to everyone for sharing your stories with me, and placing that trust in me as a friend.

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