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Monday, March 4, 2013

Crunch time

1 month left until I take the GRE.  Am I freaking out?  YES.
Am I doing something about it?  trying to...

It's hard to balance everything since it's crunch time for my spring line as well. For example, last week was basically spent in L.A.  at the Textile Expo.  It was a great experience, but of course I was too distracted to even glance at my vocabulary flash cards!

I found some great sources for fabric--although I was disappointed at the minimums for ordering for most of them since they were fairly high...but others seem easy to work with and I can't wait to get my samples in the mail.

It felt empowering going to LA this year, I feel like I have grown a lot since last time I was there, completely lost in the garment district and not able to catch on to the lingo half the time.

The WGSN seminar on textile trends was interesting and I felt like in my mind for the most part INDI is on the right path trend wise for spring.

I also bough an entire series of pattern making books that completely blew my mind when I saw them.  They are Japanese (like everything else in my brain right now) and have opened my mind on so many techniques I can use in my designs!

My good friend Esther was my assistant during the trip...thank you again, Esther!!  The drive was a blast listening to old school music and singing at the top of our lungs while drinking mate, dancing and talking about everything. Got to LA early and called up our Couchsurfing host who was fast asleep and didn't answer the phone until 5:30 made for an interesting night sleeping in the car.  Luckily we managed to sneak some hours before the WGSN seminar later that morning and our Vietnamese cold coffee did the trick.

Friday night we rocked the town because we finished INDI work early.  Went to Venice beach in the afternoon and then hit up a dive bar for some karaoke disasters (including meeting Mexican Mick Jagger and Edward from Twilight) and later hit up Avalon in Hollywood.  We even managed to drag our Couchsurfing host out with us!  Avalon was hilarious.  Almost got in a fight at the line, decided we didn't want to just stand there, and as we were walking away the bouncer asked where we were going.  I told him we were bored and it wasn't worth waiting in line to get in.  He begged us to stay and had us walk right in...that was awesome. It's great being a woman : )

Team INDI at a dive bar!

leaving Venice after a beautiful afternoon at the beach

dancing at Avalon in Hollywood

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