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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Crazy crazy days. Full of hard work, studying and excitement!

So far my line is pouring out of me--I feel like I'm not fast enough to keep up with my ideas, and I am just drawing out a billion things and evacuating my mind completely.  It's like a creative cleanse! I'm not complaining but it has been an overwhelming past couple of weeks...

I'm adding bikinis to my spring line--had this idea while shopping for bikinis in San Diego with my friend Martina.  We both wear what I call Argentine or Brazilian cut bikinis...they are much smaller than the ones you usually find in the US.  And the cuts I like cost a ridiculous amount of money for some reason...makes no sense!  It's hard to find the cut and color i like so...why not make my own?  Also, make tops that actually hold up and keep covered everything that I want would be spectacular.

In addition to this new category for spring, i've started a new project with Snaks, a silkscreen/handbag company.  I've designed some tote/backpacks that are very versatile, useful and cool : ) It's a fun collaboration and it has the potential of being a very successful project!

Coming soon....

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