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Sunday, January 6, 2013


Minus the lack of exercise, studying and work, I would call that a great weekend.

Got some quality time in with guy friends Friday night, and watched my friend's band play at Congress which was a nice little surprise.  I guess I got some tipsy Cumbia in at the end of the night so that's SOME form of exercise! (thanks Ryan)

Also, tried delicious new drink called "Negroni"which consists of Campari, sweet vermouth and gin : ) First decent drink I've had at the Playground. No offense, but you guys have messed up rum and cokes before.

The most satisfying bar moment was Saturday night when I go up to the bartender at 47 Scott and started ordering my favorite drink "I'd like some Fernet with some Coca Cola, if you could just..." and I get interrupted by the guy and he says "Fernet con Coca."  I just stared at him with hearts in my eyes and a huge grin. "si, por favor!"
Apparently there's an Argentine photographer that frequents the bar and always asks for it.  Well, without even knowing it, you just made my night : )

Got some dancing in on Saturday as well at Bianca's milonga.  I have to admit I've lost my passion for tango, and it's definitely due to the lack of leads in Tucson.  I miss the days when I used to dance tango til 4 in the morning non-stop.  Lately I go and mainly sit down and mingle with other women and we talk clothes.  Not a bad thing when I'm in the fashion industry BUT the whole point of going out dancing is NOT talking about work.  That's why I hate going dancing and having people ask me "how's business?" I'm trying to disconnect here, let me clear my head!

(dress Bianca wore)

Bianca wore an INDI dress to the milonga that looks fantastic on her. I watched her move gracefully across the dance floor as the skirt of the dress fluttered up and down, and around her legs like a butterfly.  That's how you know you've made a good tango dress. Give it to a great dancer and have her test it out on the floor.  It should not distract you from her dance, it should adorn it further.

Sunday was "Dia de los Reyes Magos" so I spent it with my nieces and nephews.  In Argentina we leave water and grass by our shoes at night and then wake up to find presents.  I told my nephew I had found a present at my house that was for all the kids.  It was a giant air-filled ball with two-walls so that it looks like a a sphere made from giant bubble wrap.  The kids LOVED it, and we had a blast rolling it around with one person inside, tumbling like a hamster.

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