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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Another point of view

Took the day off to Mountain bike and hang out with these awesome dudes...

It's incredible how much kids absorb and the way they look at things...everything is so different to them.  Talking to my nephews is inspiring and at the same time depressing when i realize how differently adults begin to think after a certain age and how much we close up our imagination. Maybe i've become jaded in too many ways.  I really do miss that sense of fascination with every little thing i see, and the innocence that allows them to believe the craziest of stories.  It's almost like that only happens in  my brain when I travel--suddenly my mind opens up and I gaze in wonderment at new landscapes and brighten up when I meet new people. Back here in the desert I gaze at the mountains and look over them like they are piles of dust accumulating in the background.  Luckily I've started experiencing them in a new way...

I'm slowly becoming addicted to mountain biking. It's an exhilarating sport full of adrenaline rushes and hanging out in wildlife--two things that fascinate me!
The only problem, which seems to be the problem with every other extreme sport is that the gear is so expensive! I understand why, but that still doesn't help me pay for a bike. So far i've been borrowing one from an extremely nice friend of a friend.  I've had great instruction from my friend Abby who is an outgoing, amazing and fearless woman I used to train capoeira with.  She knows how to teach AND how to encourage me and so far riding become like second nature to me.

My body feel great since the beginning of this year thanks to my friends who have been encouraging me to hike and mountain bike.  I simply won't go out and do these things on my own, and I hope they know how much their enthusiasm helps me.  It clears my head, works my body and makes Tucson beautiful again. Thank you!