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Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of 2012

Setting realistic goals…I believe I studied this in school.  Set daily goals and weekly goals and monthly and then my three year plan and five year plan and ahhhhhhhhhh!

I’m going to be completely honest here: I’m terrible at setting realistic goals—OR I’m terrible at following through on a daily basis.  I get ambitious when I write out my list and then it all crumbles by 2pm when I haven't finished the first item.

So I think I’m going to try and set a goal for each day and the trick will be: if I don’t finish or reach that goal then I will definitely do it the next day.  I usually set a goal, and if I don’t reach it, it gets put off for at least another week… and eventually doesn’t get done : ( One goal a day-- and if I get more done, I will just feel that much more productive!

My overall goals are :

  •    To focus on INDI Apparel and hopefully turn it into a profitable business on its second year. 
  •  To study for the GRE and apply to grad school so that I will begin either by the end of this year           or by the beginning of next year. 
  •   To visit Japan this year and be able to speak/understand some Japanese.

Photo edited on Snapee--the Japanese version of Instagram.  

I’m starting today by putting together an “end of the year” sale on Etsy and on my website.  I need to sort through my inventory, make sure I have photos of everything and then come up with the pricing.  It shouldn’t be too difficult and it will get rid of the old, bring in some revenue!

Model: Cassandra Hall, Clothing: INDI apparel / Diana Lopez, Hair: Erin Powers/ Whitney Siudzinski
Makeup: Starla Cocio, Assistants: Stephanie Epperson/ Joe Brown 
© Addie Mannan Photography 2012

I also have other goals like:

  • ·      Take better care of my body (exercising and eating like I used to)
  • ·      Take more photographs since photography makes me ridiculously happy.
  • ·      Take more dance lessons since it ALSO makes me ridiculously happy.

There is a project I’d like to do that involves making large quantities of dance clothes and then filming/photographing dancers around town using them.  If INDI takes off with dancing apparel this project should fall right into place!

I’m hoping to take pictures and post them here as well to document my process…

I’m off to prepare the INDI sale!!!! Woooo!!!!

PS Happy New Year to the other side of the world  J

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